Best Planetarium

Albert Einstein Planetarium, National Air and Space Museum
Independence Avenue SW at 6th Street SW, (202) 633-2214
What you need in a planetarium, at least if you’re looking to entertain a toddler on a snow day during a winter that seems like it belonged more to icy Neptune than to the D.C. region, is a few things: frequent shows, easy access from Metro, and some space to run around before and after. The Einstein Planetarium at the Air and Space Museum has all three. During the week, you can have your pick of seats to hear Whoopi Goldberg narrate a selection of NASA-supplied images of far-off nebulae and computer simulations of what the inside of stars look like. On the weekends, you’ll probably have to fight for space with the tourists, but they’re just as likely to flock to the IMAX screen at the other end of the museum, anyway. So settle into your high-backed chair, lean over, and look up. And if you don’t make too much noise opening the snack you smuggled in, no one will ever know.