Best Place to See Live Music If You Don’t Get Out Much Anymore

Bohemian Caverns
2001 11th St. NW, (202) 299-0800
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Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Between parenthood, work, and the dwindling number of years left in my 30s, most of my live-concert experiences these days come vicariously, thanks to Instagram and Twitter, while I struggle to stay awake on the couch. But over the past couple of years, Bohemian Caverns is the one club that has consistently broken through my premature fogeydom and forced its way onto my limited nightlife agenda. Some of the best jazz musicians of their generation come through regularly—Christian Scott, Robert Glasper, D.C. native Ben Williams—and you don’t have to get in line all that early to grab a seat just a few feet from the stage. The tickets are pretty affordable, as are the drinks, and best of all, the 64 bus goes from across the street from the club to a block from my house.