Best Place to Pick up an Urban Rustic

Square Dancing at St. Stephens
It’s an unlikely setting—the sanctuary of an Episcopal church—but then again, is it? St. Stephens sits at the border between Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant, the two neighborhoods where you’re most likely to find gatherings of string players jamming and sipping out of mason jars on a porch. It’s home to a host of social justice organizations. It regularly hosts punk shows. And, every couple of months, it’s invaded by a rollicking square dance. What inspires passion in the Northwest granola set’s hearts like the twang of a live banjo, the caller’s shouts of “do-si-do!” and “promenade!,” and a whole lot of plaid? It doesn’t hurt that you’re switching partners every few minutes, or that—once you overcome your initial skepticism—it’s actually quite a bit of fun.