Best DIY Venue

The Dougout
1498 Douglas St. NE
A few blocks from the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station, The Dougout may be a lonely sprout of a concert venue. But in an era in which D.C. DIY venues struggle to operate for more than a few years, it’s grown into a popular tour spot for bands that would rather forgo the bustle and the hassle of a larger urban rock club. Since opening in 2012, The Dougout has played host to big-for-punk-rock acts like Speedy Ortiz, Iron Chic, and Peals. The charm of the venue lies in its quaintness: The space, which vaguely resembles a smaller, more inviting version of The Roadhouse from Twin Peaks, also functions as founder Brett Isaacoff’s basement. Functionally, it fills another gap for D.C. DIY fans: It’s the closest thing we’ve got to the now-defunct Subterranean A.