Best Argument That Size Doesn’t Matter

1404 P St. NW, (202) 483-1102
Barely the size of a decent college dorm room, Transformer exemplifies how limitations can breed creativity. Its cramped, uninspiring space is a lukewarm backdrop for traditional frames-on-walls shows, but most of Transformer’s exhibitions are site-specific projects that play off the gallery’s unique assets, which include an unusually high ceiling and a storefront window on the Whole Foods–and-gelato block of P Street NW. Big installations like Mia Feuer’s “Suspended Landscape,” a hovering mass of cables and cranes anchored to three walls and the ceiling, command undivided attention in the tiny room, where viewers are forced to interact with the work as they edge around its bounds. And what other (larger, fancier) gallery could cover all its walls in psychedelic rainbow wallpaper like Transformer did for J. Morrison’s “HomoCats: Fight the Power?”