Best Use of Bare Wall Space

Phillips Collection’s “Intersections”
If you’ve been to the Phillips Collection recently, you’ve seen art in unusual places—a stairwell houses Tayo Heuser’s three-dimensional sculptures; a previously empty wall now showcases Linn Meyers’ spiraled lines. This isn’t art for its own sake: The works respond to pieces already on display at the Phillips. D.C.-born Heuser considers Mark Rothko’s paintings in the nearby Rothko Room, as well as the design of the stairwell, while Meyers’ lines respond to the brushwork and colors of Vincent van Gogh’s The Road Menders. These “Intersections” installations show for several months each before rotating out, challenging visitors’ expectations about art and where you can find it. Here’s another question they provoke: Why did no one come up with this idea sooner?