Best Theaters for Keeping Your Attention on the Film and Not the Douchebag on His Cell

Landmarks Bethesda Row Cinema and E Street Cinema
Landmark: 7235 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda; 301-752-7273; E Street: 555 11th St. NW; 202-452-7672
For avid moviegoers, there is nothing as satisfying as sitting through a film—trailers and all—without a peep from anyone except the actors onscreen. And you’re most likely to have that experience at Landmark’s E Street and Bethesda Row theatres. (The Avalon’s a close runner-up, but with a demographic that skews a tad, well, mature, there’s usually a fair amount of “What’d he say?” and “Who’s that?” going on.) Even in sold-out houses, chances are swell at either Landmark location that you will watch even the most epic of films without one phone going off or in-your-living-room-volume commentary from the oblivious pair sitting next to you. Though the latter does give you the opportunity to nix the tired “SHHHH!” in favor of a great Seinfeld line: “You know, we are living in a society!”