Best Soft Introduction to Go-Go

Wale’s “Pretty Girls”/Raheem DeVaughn’s “Bulletproof” (go-go remix)
For many listeners, Wale’s reworking of Backyard Band’s “Pretty Girls” was their first introduction to the go-go beat—and the go-go beef: During the second weekend in January, Backyard members called for a boycott of the single after being excluded from its music video. Their fans rained hate on Twitter and Facebook. By that Monday night, the beef was averted: Wale and Backyard member Big G called into WKYS to explain that the band’s singer, Weensey, would now appear in the video (you can barely see him in the final cut). Where “Pretty Girls” channels go-go’s party possibilities, Raheem DeVaughn’s recent remix of his single “Bulletproof” taps the genre’s angrier, more propulsive side: Bolstered by the band TCB, the remix sets DeVaughn’s sociopolitical observations to a violent backdrop that’s less impressionistic—and Impressions-istic—than the Curtis Mayfield–sampling original.