Best Scene Provocateurs

Fan Death Records
Fan Death hates your band. It hates its shitty fucking songs, your shitty fucking attitude, and your shitty fucking beard. The College Park-based label hates your friends’ bands, too, unless they’re called Lotus Fucker or Screen Vinyl Image. (It liked a third D.C. band in 2009, but is down to two in 2010.) In an interview with All Our Noise in January, the label’s founders, Sean Grey and Christopher Barry, called D.C. “a shitty place, with shitty bands, and a shitty outlook on life.” Three City Paper articles and posts yielded 196 comments, many from ass-singed local bands. But Fan Death—which has released skuzzy, arty records from bands like Drunkdriver and Ringo Deathstarr—isn’t only about the Haterade. You know what it loves? That you’re paying attention to Fan Death now—and you’re pissed.