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Record Fairs
Som Records owner Neal Becton, DC Soul Recordings historian Kevin Coombe, DJ Chris Knott, and local blog the Vinyl District have done the unthinkable—they’ve organized a semiregular event revolving around old vinyl and made it a phenomenon. The last record fair, held on Valentine’s Day at the Black Cat, included DJ sets from Ian MacKaye, Geologist, and other local boldfaced names. There were some 30 vendors, and the event attracted its biggest number yet—about 1,500 crate-diggers including, um, some women. “It’s really encouraging,” Becton said soon after the Fair. “I saw a lot of X’s on hands there. A lot of under-21s buying records, male and female. Most record shows you go to, it’s a bunch of old guys.… My wife even commented on it. I thought it was kind of nice. It makes for a better atmosphere.”