Best Nerdy Bookstore

Reiter’s Books
1990 K St. NW; (202) 223-3327
The very bookish newcomer to D.C. has no shortage of places to go, even if the ranks of local stores have thinned in recent years. Reiter’s has survived thanks to a Metro-friendly location and a firm commitment to leave general-interest books to others, stocking instead tomes for scientists, mathematicians, programmers, and philosophers. That’s not to say it doesn’t serve the average citizen: The shop sells plenty of posters and brain-teaser puzzles, keeps a kids section, and has quietly become one of the better places in town to hear leading general-interest science authors. It also hosts the twice-monthly Café Philo, an informal discussion group on heady philosophical topics (“Is Belief a Choice or a Compulsion?” “What Is Humor?”). In April Reiter’s moved to share the space with its sister store, Washington Law Books, substantially upping its geek quotient.