Best Neighborhood to Discover Street Art

Logan Circle
The newest favorite place for artists to break out their wheatpaste is only yards away from the city’s oldest favorite place to buy wheatgrass: Whole Foods. In the yuppified 14th Street area near Logan Circle, shoppers and their tiny dogs might easily overlook the art before their own eyes. For street artists who pass through town, the area is quickly becoming a blank canvas, and any flat surface in the area has the potential to bear a temporary work of art. For this, we partially have Martin Irvine to thank. The owner of nearby Irvine Contemporary, he reserved a section of alley wall for the artists in his “Street/Studio” show, and the giant mural has been through several incarnations since. Artists who have worked on that mural have taken their stencils and spray paint and paste further up the street, and others have followed suit. Elsewhere, you might spot a work by locals like Decoy or Diabetik. It’s a subtle bit of insurance that, no matter how many fro-yo shops and furniture stores move into the 14th Street area, it’ll keep its authenticity—or maybe it’s just a quick wink to remind you that, when you pay attention to your surroundings, you’ll be rewarded.