Best Metal Ambassador

Scott Hull
It’s impossible to talk about metal in the D.C. area without sooner or later mentioning Northern Virginia guitarist Scott Hull—usually sooner. Through his flagship band Pig Destroyer, one of the most respected grindcore bands in existence, Hull has won album of the year awards from at least one national metal publication and has also garnered mainstream attention, including a recent Washington Post Magazine cover story. With Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Hull explores the most sonically extreme fringes of metal, using a drum machine because no human can play as fast as the music demands, even as the band has recently taken a turn to the (relatively) accessible. While you won’t find either of these bands mentioned in the same breath as revered D.C. bands like, say, Fugazi, Hull’s impact has been felt in extreme metal—locally and far beyond—as much as the Dischord legends have influenced post-punk and indie rock.