Best Local Bestseller

Sarah Blake
Sarah Blake moved to D.C. a month before 9/11. The paranoia of the days after the attacks meshed with research she happened to be doing on U-boat patrols off the Eastern seaboard; together they inspired what would become her second novel, The Postmistress, which at press time was holding steady on the New York Times bestseller list. World War II novels have typically been the province of male writers chronicling manly soldiers, but Blake focuses instead on three women shortly before the United States entered the war—most compellingly Frankie Bard, a young protégé of Edward R. Murrow who delivers radio dispatches from the London Blitz. Blake’s story shifts from Europe to Cape Cod, but it’s informed by her life here, drawing on research she’s done at the National Postal Museum, the Holocaust Museum, and the National Archives.