Best Bar Game

Big Buck Hunter Safari at Solly’s U Street Tavern
D.C. is host to plenty of bar games, from H Street Country Club’s whimsically presidential indoor mini golf course to Buffalo Billiards’ classic array of pool, shuffleboard, and darts. But the diversions are mostly concentrated in gaming-themed bars, places that attract the worst kind of patron—drunken yuppies hoping to jostle for position in their social hierarchy through sport. Buffalo Billiards, for example, houses a wholly uninteresting boxing arcade game that acts as a magnet for aggressive suits who want to demonstrate how hard they can punch something. The H Street Country Club’s mini golf course is almost prohibitively cramped, guaranteeing that your party will be stuck behind that guy who refuses to just pick up his ball and stick it into the Lincoln Memorial, even though he’s tried and failed like 15 times, because he is afraid of showing the slightest sign of weakness. So. For a good bar that just happens to host a game, head to Solly’s U Street Tavern, where the Big Buck Hunter Safari arcade game is wedged in the rear of the bar, adjacent to the first-floor bathrooms. For five bucks, a party of two can get its aggression out on hordes of lions, panthers, and zebras, then retreat to a real bar before things get out of control.