Best Avant-Garde Savior

Ed Ricart
The latest in a line of dedicated individuals bringing live experimental music to D.C., Ed Ricart stages three or four fascinating shows each month at relatively unknown venues like Bossa in Adams Morgan and the Fridge near Eastern Market. To date, they’ve featured relatively high-profile touring musicians—his first bookings featured noted improvisers like Eugene Chadbourne, Uri Caine, and Elliott Sharp. Thank Ricart for ending D.C.’s year-plus drought of touring jazz and free-improv musicians, who often skipped the city because there was no space to play and no audience to play to. Undoubtedly, Ricart’s still finding his feet—his concert series doesn’t have a name, a Web site, or a promotional strategy beyond Facebook and word of mouth—but he’s already greatly enriched the D.C. experimental music scene.